Princhester Studios

Photographs Jim Gall.

We've worked with Inkahoots, the thinking graphic designers, before> They did our "new" identity, cards, web page etc. They are recognised and published globally and they share our concern for the environment. They were suddenly thrown out of their beautiful studio in West End.

But they had seen it coming and managed to buy a little timber and stucco Parthenon near the centre of West End: a little old Queensland workers cottage given some classical civilisation and its barbaric timber frame dressed up. In one sense a shame, but mainly a delightful potted history of the celebrated impacts of cultural groups on west End.

We have been given the opportunity to make this into a graphic design office and studio that can become a demonstration of sustainability. That is real sustainability not just the instruction manual star ratings and not just a lot of added technology. This is sustainability has social, cultural (ethos) and artistic dimension as well, but which is founded on simplicity and clarity.

A second residence has been added at the rear. The existing building will be tidied up and lifted a little to provide two levels of studio space. Elements have been added to improve views and shading. These give the place a clear new identity. Our sustainability make-over will be done which will make this a pleasant and healthy place in which to work.

After mid 2009 the project lived for a year and a half in the Brisbane City Council's development approval process. Construction Documentation happened in Architectus. Construction began in July 2011, then again in September (powerlines had to be upgraded). In this location the various authorities were able to throw everything at the project. Construction was completed in October 2012.

Princhester Studios Princhester Studios Princhester Studios Princhester Studios