Lark Quarry Trackways Winton, Qld 1999 - 2002

This building protects the Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways, the world’s only fossilised dinosaur stampede. The 93 million year old footprints are located approximately 111 kilometres from Winton. The Trackways building is connected by a 70 metre bridge to a new Entry Pavillion.

The scheme relies on the best practice principles of ecologically sustainable development to create a passively controlled environment for the trackways, and to handle construction and services in a way responsible for such a remote location. A design process involving the proposed builder and the client body members has ensured these aims were achieved.

The ESD elements are expressed. They provide implicit as well as explicit communication of the building design and the environmental issues around it.

The enclosure to the Trackways is built with an inner wall of locally sourced rammed earth (for thermal mass), and an outer wall of insulated panels. General lighting over the trackways is through angular selective skylights, supplemented by display lighting powered by a photovoltaic system (solar power). Water is collected from the roof and stored in large capacity tanks. These service low water use taps and toilets.

To support the trackways educational role, interpretive displays are included through the trackways and entry buildings. Gall & Medek worked with Econnect to design these as an integrated part of the experience of the building and trackways.

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