Noosa North Shore EcoCentre 2009. Noosa, Qld

This building was intended to contain a number of functions including; restaurant and kitchen, reception and administration for the Noosa North Shore Resort, Queensland Parks and Wildlife offices, offices for the Noosa Parks Association, a research facility, conference facilities; interactive galleries and or theatre.

The brief was to produce a building that not only works in a sustainable way but also becomes a model of how a privately funded community building can instruct others on how these building types can work. The design process utilised rigorous participant consultation, through this process the '3 stories' of the Cooloola Great Sandy region were created, these stories act as guides for information and the further exploration of the region by visitors and residents.

Our strategy from the outset of brief development was to incorporate commercial activity in the building so visitors would be brought to the interpretive and education areas. This symbiotic relationship is beneficial for both the commercial and informational sections of the building. The structure itself is planned to use sustainable materials efficiently to reduce waste and to demonstrate how commercial buildings can provide positive sustainable outcomes.

Because of the clever design the building was easily, cheaply and very successfully turned into a pub in 2011.

Noosa North Shore EcoCentre Noosa North Shore EcoCentre Noosa North Shore EcoCentre