Augathella Meat Ant park 2010

Ant Sculpture Amanda Faher.
Photographs Peter McRae, Charleville.

We're managing this project for the Murweh Shire. We'll be doing landscape design but also finding and organising people to manage the on-site works ("hard" landscape, planting, irrigation), provide a Giant Meat Ant Sculpture, do research and capture some local stories, provide graphic design and signage and supply some interesting play equipment.

Giant Meat Ant ?! You might well ask. It’s a symbol of toughness and resilience. The local Rugby team are the Augathella Meat Ants (and there's a lot of Charleville blood on that footy field).

The budget is small but, so far, looks to be enough. The challenge is to provide a special, enjoyable and attractive place by applying imagination to a normal budget. It will be important to surprise and delight  locals and visitors and not be trapped into cliché elements. It will be a place of art, learning ,fun and some green and colourful relief.

Work was carried out in 2010.


Augathella Meat Ant park Augathella Meat Ant park Augathella Meat Ant park Augathella Meat Ant park