Wooden Joints

Music Stand

This was designed for a catholic who was raised on classical music; hence the obelisk and a few other pagan symbols.

It's made of joinery timbers scrounged, recovered and recycled from scrap piles. There definitely is value. Finding the value depends on knowledge and being able to see below the surface. In fact, real gems lie in the difficult pieces (of wood) that most don’t have the patience to deal with.

Queensland Rose Alder (Caldcluvia australiensis) and Queensland Maple (Flindersia brayleyana): saved, by my father, from becoming nogging in the 1970s demolition/renovation of the Anzac Square buildings.

Queensland Silver Ash (Flindersia bourjotiana): a stretcher from a day bed that my ex mother-in-law was discarding.

Tasmanian Myrtle Burl (Nothofagus cunninghamii): “turners scrap” from a mill in Scottsdale, Tasmania.

Forest Oak (Casuarina turolosa): cut from a heritage shingle sample made by Stan Ceslinski (Billinudgel Wood Works).

Queensland Red Mahogany (Eucalyptus resinifera): scrap from a renovation of Campus Kindy, University of Queensland.

Pinned Joint

This is the corner of a clothes rack where discarded Queensland Brown Oak and Queensland Brown Beech lay across each other and are fixed with dowell pins.

Wooden Joints Wooden Joints