Old Bottles Display Case 2011

Living in an old house on a steep old dilapidated site at Red Hill has some advantges.

The steep falls had been terraced over the years with just about any fill that could be found -including household rubbish. This included numerous bottles. Some date back over 100 years. Some more recent. There were hundreds of ink bottles- nearly all crushed. Ginger beer, beer, make-up, perfume ...

The prize is a bottle of Mrs Winslows Soothing Elixir (middle, second top shelf). Turns out it was very popular for a while. The soothing was done by Opium. So Mrs winslow was resonsible for the death of a few children. Wonder where the stuff in this bottle went and what it did?

The case is made from left over pieces of Camphor Laurel, from a tree cut (stored, dried and re-sawn) from the back of the Dean Armstrong House site. Most of it was used for joinery in the house.

Old Bottles Display Case