Jim's Lappy 2005

A solid body, lap steel guitar.

After years of doing repairs on guitars this is a first step in making one. No frets and no truss rod, so an easy way in.

Making something out of wood that makes music (OK, when plugged in) is special. You should try it. After a while you get a feel for which species and pieces will look right and sound good. You can tell what a piece of wood will sound like by touching it. More fulfilling than a new digital set-top box. And a good lap steep can make astounding sounds (e.g. Bob Wills, Ben Harper): also better than a new digital set-top box.

Queensland Silver Ash (Flindersia bourjotiana): from a garage sale.

Tasmanian Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon): can you believe this was stud framing demolished from under a building where Guymer Bailey Architects have their offices.

European Walnut (Juglans regia): When Elvin Harvey, son of L.J. closed down the workshop at Woolloongabba (now part of the ever expanding Mater Hospital Carpark) years of accumulated stuff was sold or given away. There was a small pile of walnut veneer off-cuts that no-one has been able to throw away.

Bullock Leg Bone: a dog bone from the butcher - soaked and boiled in lime. The smell of cutting it with a hacksaw is appalling.

Jim's Lappy Jim's Lappy